Table Decor

Setting the perfect tables for your Prom or special events is easy to do with Anderson’s Table Décor collection. Every table in your venue should be covered – including the registration tables, banquet tables, conversation tables and especially your dining tables. But don’t just cover up your tables – dress them up for your special event!  Start your table decorations off right by adding a table skirt to your registration tables.  Table skirts not only add color and style to your registration tables, they also cover up event supplies you may need to store under the tables. And, you can easily carry your theme colors to your Prom dining tables with table covers, table runners, mirrors, custom event napkins and, of course, centerpieces to bring all of your elements together.

Sequin Table Runner

Price: $14.99

Natural Raffia Table Skirt

Retail Price: $19.19
Our Price: $15.99

14 ft x 29 in Metallic Table Skirt

Retail Price: $18.99 - $28.79
Our Price: $16.99

Metallic Black Star Tableskirt

Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $14.99

Loose Pearls

Price: $19.99

Table Runner

Price: $19.99

40 in x 100 ft Banquet Roll

Retail Price: $29.75
Our Price: $19.99

Flowered Raffia Green Table Skirt

Retail Price: $19.19
Our Price: $15.99

Lunch Napkins

Retail Price: $23.64
Our Price: $19.69