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Gold/Silver Candy Buffet Kit

Dazzle your students with a sweet-treat extravaganza for Prom, Homecoming, Senior Night, or graduation with an amazing Gold/Silver Candy Buffet Kit. It goes perfectly with any elegant gold or silver theme event and includes everything you need to create a spectacular candy display. The complete Gold/Silver Candy Kit includes:

  • 1 lb. silver chocolate candy rocks
  • 8 lbs. silver gumballs
  • 12 lbs. silver-wrapped Hershey's® Kisses chocolate candy
  • 6 lbs. silver Sixlets® chocolates candies
  • 5 lbs silver caramel chocolate balls
  • 2 lbs (108 pcs) silver foil chocolate hearts
  • 100 winter mint-flavored hard candy sticks
  • 4 lbs. (approx. 288 pcs) gold-foil wrapped Rolo candies
  • 5 lbs. gold-wrapped caramel-filled milk chocolate balls
  • 8 lbs. gold gumballs
  • 2 lbs.(108 pcs) gold foil chocolate hearts
  • 1 lb. bronze chocolate candy rocks
  • 12 lbs. gold foil wrapped Hershey's Kisses® chocolate candies with almonds
  • 6 lbs. gold Sixlet® chocolate balls
  • 12 acrylic containers of various sizes
  • 12 plastic scoops
  • 50 white/gray dots candy bags
  • 50 white/gold honeycomb candy bags

Note: Items may vary from what is shown.