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Custom Cell Phone Sanitizer With Screen Cleaner

Cell phones and mobile devices are hotspots for germs, and keeping them clean is as important for good health as washing hands and covering faces. This Custom Cell Phone Sanitizer With Screen Cleaner can help keep mobile devices clean and sanitized and is a must-have safety item for your students, teachers, and staff. The 3 3/4" high x 7/8" wide white container comes filled with .73 oz. spray cleaning solution (about 500 sprays) and includes a built-in microfiber screen cleaner on one side. Once the sanitizer is gone, the container can be refilled for use over and over again. Add your choice of one-color imprint on the white side to customize the sanitizer for your school or event. Ideal for Prom or Senior Party swag bags or for stocking in your school store, this phone sanitizer makes a great fun and functional safety tool for everyone at your school.