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Spread Kindness Not Germs Hand Sanitizer and Wipes Set

Encourage a culture of empathy for others, while promoting physical health and wellness at your high school with this Spread Kindness Not Germs Hand Sanitizer and Wipes Set. It's a fun way to reinforce the idea that being kind to oneself and others is important for both emotional and physical health. Ideal for your school store or as a school or team fundraiser, the convenient set includes one 1 oz. bottle of 62% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer, one package of 10 disinfecting wipes with Benzalkonium Chloride as the active ingredient, and one safety card with 5 helpful prevention tips. The hand sanitizer bottle and the safety card both feature a fun, full-color "Spread Kindness Not Germs" design as shown, and all items come packaged together in a polybag for easy distribution. Stock up on kindness at your school, and banish germs at the same time, with this easy and effective sanitizer and antibacterial wipes set.