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Prom Favors Make Lasting Keepsakes

Prom Invitations, Prom Photos and pressed corsages are wonderful keepsakes to be treasured long after Prom. But your Prom attendees won’t have to tuck their memories away when you present them with a multitude of Prom Favors that are functional, usable and custom imprinted with your Prom details to remind them of their Prom Night on a daily basis. And, when selecting your Prom Favors, be sure to check out the Design Developer program to see what your Prom Favors will look like with your Prom theme logo and important Prom details before you order. It’s easy to use and it’s free.

Custom Full-Color Budget Frame

Retail Price: $2.39
Our Price: $2.09

Confetti Tumbler - Black/Gold

Retail Price: $6.99
As low as: $6.69

Ridgeline Tumbler

As low as: $6.19

Art Deco Arrows Frame

Retail Price: $4.99
Our Price: $2.99

Blue Sparkle Mask

Price: $3.29

Boris Bubble Tumbler

As low as: $3.29

Confetti Sparkle Frame

As low as: $4.49

Twirls of Gold Flute

As low as: $5.29

Golden Glitz Flute

As low as: $5.29

Paris Bling Key Chain

As low as: $3.99

Ridgeway Tumbler

Retail Price: $6.79
As low as: $3.79

Metal-like Water Bottle

As low as: $4.29

Light Up Foam Baton

Retail Price: $1.79
As low as: $0.99

Dipped in Dots Flute

Price: $4.49

Dipped in Dots Trumpet

As low as: $5.79

Gold Magic Favor Set

As low as: $8.19