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Gold/Black Satin Crown and Gold Toni Tiara Set

As representatives of one of the most elegant events of the school year, your Prom, Homecoming, or Winter Formal King and Queen will really look the part when you crown them with this sophisticated and formal-looking Gold/Black Satin Crown and Gold Toni Tiara Set. Featuring the colors of black and gold, this set is designed to stand out and give your royalty an elite look befitting their regal status. The coronation accessories set includes one men's crown with a luxurious black satin topper, gold sequined band, and spotted faux fur trim and one gorgeous 2 1/4" high Gold Tiara, exquisitely designed with high-quality gold metal and dazzling clear rhinestones that shimmer and sparkle like real diamonds as they catch the light. You save money and shopping time when you purchase this crown and tiara as a set instead of each piece separately, and your royalty get stunning coronation keepsakes that will bring back all the amazing memories of their big day.

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Gold Toni Tiara
Gold Toni Tiara

Price: $25.49