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26-piece Homecoming Year Coronation Set

Put together a beautifully coordinated set of royalty keepsakes for your school's Spirit Week with our 26-piece Homecoming Year Coronation Set. The regal royalty set includes all the accessories you need to make your King, Queen, and Court members sparkle and shine during their reign. The complete set includes one 2 7/8" high Mirabella Tiara for your Queen, four 1 1/4" high Sissy Tiaras for the ladies on the court, one Metallic Crown for your King, one 3" x 72" satin "Homecoming King" Sash with year, one "Homecoming Queen" Sash with year, eight "Homecoming Royalty" Sashes with year for the Court, and 10 Keepsake Buttons. Choose your colors for the crown, all sashes, and all buttons when ordering. You save money by purchasing a royalty set like this rather than each item separately.