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King and Queen Homecoming Coronation Set with Buttons - Natalia/Saba

Set your Homecoming royalty up for a successful reign with our convenient Homecoming Coronation Set with Buttons. Featuring a Natalia Tiara (2 3/4") for your Queen and Saba Tiaras (1 3/4") for your princesses, this royalty set is full of regal accessories for your King, Queen, and everyone on your Homecoming Court. The royalty set includes 1 King Crown, 1 Natalia Tiara, 4 Saba Tiaras, 1 King Sash, 1 Queen Sash, 8 Royalty Sashes, 1 King Button, 1 Queen Button, and 8 Royalty Buttons. Choose your color for your crown, sashes, and buttons to match your school colors!