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Homecoming Coronation Set with Buttons - Titania/Alisa

This stunning Homecoming Coronation Set with Buttons includes everything you need to give your Homecoming royalty a unified look for coronation. It comes with stylish accessories that will help you create a memorable experience for your King, Queen, and Court members. The Homecoming coronation set includes one 2 1/4" high sparkling Titania Tiara for your Queen, four 1 1/2" high radiant Alisa Tiaras for the ladies on the court, one satin King's crown in your choice of color, one Homecoming King Sash, one Homecoming Queen Sash, eight Homecoming Royalty Sashes, and 10 buttons, all in your choice of color. You get 26 amazing Homecoming royalty accessories for one amazing price with this coronation set.