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Adjustable Face Mask Holder Lanyard

No more misplaced face masks! With this convenient Adjustable Face Mask Holder Lanyard, your face mask will always be handy and accessible when you need it. Similar to a standard ID holder neck strap, this lanyard is designed specifically to hold a fabric face mask, with clips on both ends that attach to the mask's ear loops. Just drape the lanyard around your neck and let the ends with the mask attached hang down across your chest. Then, just grab the mask when you need it. No more digging around in a pocket, purse, or backpack - or accidentally leaving your mask on a surface where it could pick up germs. The sturdy polyester lanyard adjusts from 18" to 30", so you can wear it however it is most comfortable for you. Promote health and safety at your school with this Mask Holder Lanyard. Hand one out to every student, teacher, and staff member, or stock it in your school store.