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On-the-Go Safety Travel Kit

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This On-the-Go Safety Travel Kit isn't only for busy teachers, staff, or students. You can also keep several of them in every classroom or office in your school. The Safety Kit is a great way to let educators, students, and their families know that you put health and safety are your high school's top priority. The Travel Kit includes a zippered 5" x 3" PVC bag, one individually wrapped, non-medical grade 3-ply white and blue disposable mask designed for general use, one 7 1/2" long soft silicone flexible mask extender with notches to adjust fit, one 3 3/4" x 1 1/4" antibacterial door opener, and one 10-count white wet wipe packet with light citrus scent. Most items (except the mask) come with a one-color imprint; customize them with your school name, mascot, logo, and/or colors. NOTE: Wet Wipes include benzalkonium chloride and meet FDA requirements.

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Individually-wrapped Disposable Face Mask
Individually-wrapped Disposable Face Mask

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