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Still of the Night Complete Theme

This crazy, lit up Still of the Night Complete Theme will make you feel like you're on top of the world. Arrange the arches and sturdy cardboard fans into any configuration you can think of and add things like the posts, pool kit, and pathway to make sure your school's prom dance is just right--it's perfect for a roaring twenties, great Gatsby, and other party themes with a specific, unforgettable style. With this collection of items, your Prom dance, Prom photo backgrounds, or grand Prom entrance is going to look better than you could possibly imagine. Our Perfect Pairings section will help you set the perfect 1920's scene with favors, decorations, and accessories that match your Gatsby or Roaring '20s theme.

Complete theme contains:
  • In the Still of the Night Fans Kit
  • Wings of a Dream Arch Fans Kit (set of 2)
  • Majestic Midnight Posts Kit (set of 3)
  • Meet Me at Midnight Pool Kit
  • Dreamscape Pathway Kit