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Horizontal Photo Banner - Two Color Background

Showcase student athletes, Students of the Month, teachers, parents, and more with this Two-color Horizontal Photo Banner that you can customize for your school and personalize for a specific person. The 24" high x 36" wide banner is made of durable white vinyl, and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It comes with the paint streak design shown, customized in your choice of two colors(in this example the primary school color is purple, the secondary color is gold), along with your choice of text and an individual name. The best part of all - you can add a full-color photo image (photo must be high-quality and 300dpi) to create a one-of-a-kind personalized banner. To make displaying the banner easy, it includes heat-welded hems and grommets for easy hanging.

FAQs About Ordering Banners:

Q: What are the required file types and photo resolution?
A: Required file types are PNG and PDF. Recommended photo resolution is 300 DPI.

Q: I only have a JPG image from my cellphone. How can I change my image to one of the required file types?
A: Changing your JPG image to a PNG is easy. Open the image, right click and select "save as."
In the menu you’ll see fields for file name and save as type. Simply change the selection from JPG to PNG.

Q: How can I remove the background from my photo?
A: We recommend using Adobe Express to easily remove the background from your image.
Follow the link to easily remove the background from your image. 
Upon download you’ll be able to select your file type. Select either PNG or PDF.