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Candy Containers

Candy Bags, Candy Boxes, Candy Tubes, Candy Tins and Candy Jars are just a few of the many different candy containers Anderson’s has available to create tasty Prom, Homecoming or special event party favors with a custom label. Plus, our Flared Acrylic Cylinder, Square Glass Bowl and Acrylic Bucket Set are among the many different container options available for your candy buffet displays.

Candy Buffet Kit - Gold

Price: $319.99

Candy Buffet Kit - Blue

Price: $299.99

Candy Buffet Kit - Black

Price: $299.99

Candy Buffet Kit - Green

Price: $299.99

Candy Buffet Kit - Red

Price: $299.99

Gold Candy Scoop

Price: $1.99

Custom Mint Tin

Price: $1.59