Hard Candy

From Gumballs to Lollipops and everything in between, Anderson’s collection of hard candy is filled with tasty choices for your Prom, Homecoming, school store and special school events. Use colorful Meltaway Crumble Candies, Twist Pops and Fruity Hard Candy to fill candy dishes on registration tables and snack bars. Create a fun Prom or Homecoming favor with custom Metallic Foil Candy Tubes or Custom Mint Tins you fill with your choice of candy. And you can never go wrong with individually-wrapped Prom Buttermints, Smarties® Candy Rolls and Wrapped Hard Candy on hand for any time treats.

Rock Candy Sticks

Price: $15.99

Lollipops - Green Lime

Price: $22.99

Swirly Pops, 48/pkg

Price: $26.99

Lollipops - Assorted

Price: $18.99

Dice Lollipops - Red

Price: $57.99

Dice Lollipops - White

Price: $57.99

Custom Mint Tin

Price: $1.59

Cube Lollipops - Blue

Price: $59.99

Gumballs - Gold

Price: $16.99

Cube Lollipops - Green

Price: $59.99

Twisted Lollipops

Price: $28.99

Cube Lollipops - Pink

Price: $59.99

Lollipops - Red Cherry

Price: $22.99

Cube Lollipops - Red

Price: $59.99

Full-color Gum Boxes

Price: $1.99

Hypno Pops, 100/pkg

Price: $41.99