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Oil Paint Swirls Custom Super Sparkling Tumbler

From the heavens to the oceans, this Oil Paint Swirls Super Sparkling Tumbler is an elite favor that is versatile enough to match a variety of Prom themes! The double-wall tumbler comes with TWO inserts nestled securely between the inner walls--a shiny insert and the swirls insert. The blue, purple, and white swirls insert features a transparent "Prom" design. First, choose your shiny insert color. Then, customize the swirls insert with two lines of custom text below the Prom design (typestyle and color come only as shown). The result is a sparkly and shiny Prom favor that students, chaperones, and volunteers will love using long after Prom is over. Use your custom tumblers for place settings, swag bags, door prizes, and more.