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Dual Design Cardini Tumbler - Starbright Prom

Take the elegance and fun of Prom night and double with this Starbright Prom Dual Design Cardini Tumbler to create a unique customized Prom keepsake your teens will love. The clear glass tumbler glass holds 16 oz. and comes with our full-color Starbright Prom graphic printed on both sides, along with a circle-shaped frame design that surrounds another background graphic of your choice. You can customize the cup even further by adding your choice of one-color text on the perimeter of the round frame. The blue and gold Prom graphic makes a great complement to a Starry Night or Hollywood Prom theme. Choose a coordinating graphic for inside the circle frame, or go all out with a completely different graphic to create a one-of-a-kind Prom keepsake for your students.