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Glow Sticks-on-a-String - 50/pkg

Don't leave your students and staff in the dark during nighttime school events! Keep them in the light with these fun Glow Sticks-on-a-String. They're just like regular glow stick, just smaller (only 4" long), more affordable, and more convenient, because each one includes a 33 1/2" long (16 3/4" when doubled up to create a necklace) plastic-coated string for easy wearing around the neck or wrist or attachment to a belt loop or bag strap. The glow sticks contain safe, non-toxic chemicals that illuminate when activated. To activate, just bend the stick until you hear it snap, then shake it up and watch it glow. Hand out these fun glow sticks at your neon or glow themed Prom, Homecoming dance, or Senior Party, or sell them in concession stands during night games and other school events. Each package of 50 includes glow sticks in assorted colors of blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, white, and yellow. One-time use only. Glow sticks and strings are packaged separately. Some assembly is required to attach glow sticks to strings.