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Homecoming Coronation Set with Pins - Rose Gold Cassandra/Rose Gold Kiley

If you're looking for Homecoming royalty accessories that will make your Queen and Princesses sparkle with a pinkish glow, then this Homecoming Coronation Set with Pins and Rose Gold Tiaras is perfect for you! The unique set of regal accessories features tiaras with rose gold bands that give off a pinkish shine when the light hits it. The entire Homecoming royalty set includes one Rose Gold Cassandra Tiara (2 7/8"), four Rose Gold Kiley Tiaras (1 1/2" each), one satin Crown, one King sash, one Queen sash, eight Royalty sashes, and 10 rhinestone "Royalty" Pins. Choose your color for the crown, sashes, and silver or gold for the pins.