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Full-color Custom Backpack - Number 00

If you're looking for a more athletic-looking custom bag for your school store, then this Full-color Custom "Number 00" Backpack is perfect for you. The 14" x 18" drawstring backpack comes with reinforced corners and can be customized in a few ways to make it one-of-a-kind for your high school or middle school. Start by choosing your backpack color, primary color, and secondary color. NOTE: Our artists will use your selections to determine the prominent imprint color. Then, add your mascot name, mascot design, and school name in the locations shown. (Find your school's mascot by clicking "Customize" below, then "Select A Design" under the "Symbol or Monogram" area.) NOTE: The mascot name line is limited to 20 characters. School name can be two lines; 20 characters per line. NOTE: All fonts come only as shown.