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Paw Print Sunglasses and Umbrella Set - Black and White

From rainy weather to sunny days, this Black and White Paw Print Sunglasses and Umbrella Set is a pair of items to have on hand for outdoor school events. The complete Set includes one pair of black Sunglasses with paw prints on the bands, 100% UV protection, and scratch- and impact-resistant lenses and one black and white Umbrella with matching color sleeve, and has a 42" arc. Both products come with the matching white paw print design, making the products a perfect match to your "big cat" mascot (e.g., tiger, lion, cougar, panther). Hand out a Sunglasses/Umbrella Set to each student on the first day of school, stock the black and white paw products in your school store, use them for school fundraisers or student awards, and many other occasions throughout the school year.