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Courtyard of Dreams Complete Theme

Spend the evening in an elegant courtyard created by dreams. This classy black and pink theme features a gateway and fence with the look of authentic wrought iron, stately trees and a fountain that can accommodate real water! Themes work for all types of parties, dances and events such as Prom, Homecoming, winter formal, and even the school play! Simple construction, lightweight items, and a romantic feeling to all the items is sure to help turn your prom grand entrance or photo backdrop into the perfect addition to your event. Matching invitations, decorations, and accessories help make this courtyard amazing from our Perfect Pairings section.

Complete theme includes:
  • Gateway to the Soul Kit
  • Fountain of Utopia Kit
  • Fantastical Fence Kit (set of 2)
  • Idea Trees Kit

Purchase components separately
Fountain of Utopia Kit
Fountain of Utopia Kit

Retail Price: $431.99
Our Price: $399.99

Idea Trees Kit
Idea Trees Kit

Retail Price: $411.99
Our Price: $409.99