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Outdoor Approved

This year, putting on Prom may seem more challenging than ever before, but we’re here to help you make Prom possible with our brand new selection of outdoor-approved complete Prom themes and outdoor-friendly theme kits. Designed to help you create an outdoor Prom just as spectacular and memorable as an indoor event, our outdoor Prom themes include elements that are easy to transport, set-up, and take down, whether you're hosting Prom on your school quad, on the playing field, or in a community park. Within our outdoor-approved Prom themes, you'll find gorgeous fabric drape kits, sturdy wire structures, gazebos and trellises, faux trees and plants, fancy fountains, ropes and rails, mini lights, and more - everything you need for your special outdoor school event. And, our outdoor-friendly Prom decor works great for your outdoor Grand March, too. Think "outside the building" this year for Prom with amazing new themes, kits, and decorations your students will love.

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