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Dripping with Diamonds Stand Kit

Shhh! We won't tell if you won't! This Dripping With Diamond Stand isn't made with real diamonds, but with all the dazzle, all the sparkle, and all the shine it exudes, no one will ever know, except you - and us - and we'll keep your secret. At 5' 7" high x 18" diameter, the chrome metal stand with LEDs, and clear crystal beaded chandelier is brilliant enough to stand on its own as the focal point for any school event, from Prom or your Homecoming dance to Senior Party, holiday dance, or drama production. When you add the included black feather boa and red tissue flower, you'll have a decorative piece that ups your event from ordinary to elite status. With proper storage, this Dripping With Diamonds Stand can be reused over and over again - just change out the colors of the feather boa and tissue flower topper to match your event or theme colors. Assembly required.