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Large PARIS Letters Kit

Massive. Colossal. Grandiose. No matter which word you use to describe these Large PARIS Letters, they will, no doubt, create an impression on your students. These oversize, freestanding letters make amazing props for a Paris Prom theme, Homecoming semi-formal dance, or Winter Formal. Or set them up for a Grand March, on stage, to mark an entryway, or provide a backdrop for your dance floor. These Paris letters are made from black cardboard, silver cardboard, and cardboard tubes, so they are nice an sturdy no matter how you use them for your school event. All Paris Letters are 7'6" high x 12" deep. Widths are as follows: P is 5'5" wide; A is 6'3" wide; R is 6'5" wide; I is 31" wide; S is 55" wide.